P-9024 Line Amplifier - Phontech

P-9024 Line Amplifier - Phontech

P-9024 Line Amplifier

P-9024 Line Amplifier, 120W / 100v Line, 24VDC / 230VAC, 19″

Type number: P-9024
Article number: 4000016134


The P-9024 is a 120W, 100V line amplifier for a 19” rack mount. The P-9024 unit can be used together with the CIS 31xx series if there is high demand for power. The communication will be one way only from master station to the P-9024 unit without any talk-back functionality.


  • 120 W
  • 100 VAC Loudspeaker line
  • 230 VAC with 24 VDC backup power supply
  • High power – low noise circuit
Mechanical Specifications
Weight 14.0kg


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