MPA 1600 Energy - Phontech

MPA 1600 Energy is a Public Address & General Alarm (PA/GA) system designed to meet the requirements of alarm and message distribution onboard mobile and fixed offshore units.

The system conforms to international standards like SOLAS, IMO and IEC regulations, as well as national standards like NORSOK and others. MPA 1600 Energy is a complete PA/GA system for use on offshore installations. It consists of two central units using an A+B configuration for redundancy.

Each system is bespoke, being built and tested to meet the client’s exact requirements on power output, access points, functionality and interfacing. No single fault will inhibit the reliable distribution of alarms and voice broadcast.

The system supports various types of power supplies from 110-230 VAC to 48 VDC. The system is designed for a maximum of 6 PA/GA zones. All configuration of zones, priorities, alarm tones, etc. is done easily via a GUI based web interface.