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Reliable voice communication systems  – linking the bridge to the engine room, accommodation cabins and various internal and external locations  – are vital for safe operations onboard ships and offshore installations.

Maritime Products

For over 25 years, Phontech by Zenitel has offered an extensive and flexible range of audio products  that have been specifically designed and built for harsh maritime environments. Our systems are in use worldwide on merchant ships, fishing vessels, tug boats, and offshore supply vessels, as well as various navy ships and offshore oil and gas installations.

Both analog and digital communication systems in various formats, linking a variety of different substations, are also available. Flexibility is the key, with all public address and internal communication systems offering variable configurations to accommodate the need for different requirements, numbers and locations of telephone sub-stations.

Emergency Communication Systems

Phontech by Zenitel also supplies solutions for mandatory emergency communication systems, with batteryless telephones, also known as sound-powered telephones. Other products include a sound reception system, solo operation bridges, wireless paging systems and antenna distribution systems for conventional radio and TV signals.

All our products are backed up by a global network of dedicated installation and maintenance partners who service the needs of our worldwide customer base, which includes most major shipping lines and offshore installation operators.